Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello May

As a kid, my sister, my best friend Lizzie and her sister Malinda and I used to go up and down the islands of Summit Avenue with our homemade Mayflower pole and 'dance the Maypole'. These days, that may conjure up some other type of image but in researching it's significance for this post, I found out that it is actually a pagan celebration signifying the sexual union of God and Goddess. Yowza!

Anyways, this day always reminds me of my mom too. The last 'good' visit I had with her, in 1997, we went to F√¶lledparken - a big park in Copenhagen - for the International Labor Movement Day celebrations. I remember walking through the park with her, arm in arm, telling me about this day and how it's a celebration of the achievements of the labor movement. It is one of the last, sweet, mother teaching daughter memories I have of her. This month, I will celebrate my mother's birthday, mother's day and the 2nd anniversary of her death.

Happy May Day Mor.

Here in LA, there will be marching and celebrating workers' rights but this year the expected crowd has nearly doubled as a result of Arizona's adoption of a strict and dangerous immigration bill.